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For many years I've played a submissive slave master and... Puta... Fantisised bitch. After finding this site, I decided to bite the bullet and send a message. Immediately, I had many responses and we chatted quite a few people. One person said.... He spoke sense asked me what I wanted and what is expected of me. We talked on the phone and arranged to meet the next day. I took what he said, has a shaved pussy and turn the agreed time. to say I was nervous is a virtue - the statement, but I thought I would go for it, or we'll never know if it is really what I want. This is what happened.... master met me at the door and chatted briefly. Then I was told to stand and see if I was, in fact, completely shaved. Then he told me to take my boobs, I was without a second thought. I lifted my skirt under his command, and he felt my wet pussy while pulling fucd and pinching my nipples hard rock. Master ordered me to sit in a chair with myLegs apart and then using a toothed roller slowly on my tits, legs and pussy. I was told that he was not allowed to finish without permission, and struggled to hold back, I fucd know, master of etching. It fucd took me through his room and told me to undress (except for stockings and stilettos ) and again on his bench and sit on the dildo tiles. I have also asked and he felt the pure joy that I got to it. Before me were full-length mirror behind me and saw how I see my position on the comforter set. fucd Master proceeded to spank my bare ass and sugar cane. This is the first time I've done this and I really had to love. fucd From time to time stopped and I feel I love my ass rude, told me how hot it was. This went on for a while, and I was about to cum... every time I grimaced and pulled the dildo and went I was in heaven. I felt no real pain, just pure erotic pleasure. Finally, my teacher told me that the bank and feel that myass.... It was hot and tingling. I was instructed to lie in bed with his head hanging on the end. Master opened his pants and saw his glorious cock. I oredered to suck. I did it with joy... All that mattered was that worshiped his cock and please God. My legs and my pussy whipped while sucking cock. Stopping fucd now and then rub my clit... I did not fight as I run ahdn't been given permission. He pulled his cock from me, telling me to lie down on my face and then told me I was going to pick up the ass. I told him I was teaching an anal virgin, but I wanted to take fucd it. Little by little pushed in my virgin ass and moaned... It was wonderful... He grabbed her ass and quickend.... I finally filled with his hot cum beautiful... It was one of the best feelings fucd I've had. He turned to me and told me he was alowed to finish, how deftly stroked my clit and rubbed my wet pussy. He seemed to know when to slow windown, and keep me on the edge until it finally came strong and very humid. thanked Master for everything you did for me.... before I left my teacher told me he had dropped slightly and there was plenty more to come... I thanked him again and told him I was looking forward to it. Returned home with his cum dripping from my pain in the ass was so hot and warm when I'm on, I immediately did away twice succeeded. I have been told by my teacher, that in the coming weeks there will be many more in store for me... with men and women (another new experience ) and I can not wait...... when I see my ad to sh as closely as I have done.... next installment soon....
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